Welcome To ViTiNord 2015...

Principal Sponsors

Ben Loseke

Dr. Paul Read

Sustainability by replacing herbicide with native grass and forb groundcovers

Chris Foss

Bruce Tindale

The International Cool Climate Wine Conference Symposium 2016

Jens Madsen

Ancient Vines

Ele Vool, Mariana Maante,
​Reelika Ratsep, Kadri Karp

The effect of defoliation on yield maturity parameters of hybrid grapevine cultivars

Tom Plocher, Chuck Hisamoto,

Kale Hedstrom

Low cost sensing and assessment of grapevine canopy density for
improved grape production and quality

Seth McFarland,
​Max McFarland

Using Ozone Technology to Reduce Pesticide Usage in Nebraska Grape Production

Caroline Provost,
Francois Dumont

Impact of leaf removal on yield and disease in cold-hardy grape cultivars grown in Quebec, Canada

Tim Martinson,
​Chrislyn Particka

Four years of Frontenac and Marquette training systems trials in Northern New York.

Inese Drudze

The results of selection of winter hard and early ripening grapes from

Andrash Fazekash originated seedlings in Latvia

Jean Becker, 
Torbem Toldam-Anderson

The wine industry in Denmark

Lotta Nordmark

Swedish Wine Association

Larry Robertson,
Patricia McGlynn, Dan Getman

Montana - Growing grapes on the margins of climate suitability

Robert Brynes

Recycling grape pomace into value added product

Lotta Nordmark,
​Siri Caspersen

Do mycorrhizal inoculation affect the establishment of grapevines cv. Solaris?

Tom Plocher

Breeding the Next Generation of Cold Hardy Grapevines

Seth McFarland,

Max McFarland

Cold Hardiness: It Takes More Than A Cold Hardy Cultivar

Caroline Provost,
​Froncois Dumont,

Richard Kamal

Pollination of St. Pepin to increase grape yield under growing conditions in Quebec, Canada

Paul Read, 

Stephen Gamet,

Ben Loseke

The University of Nebraska Viticulture Program: 19 Years of Progress

Brittany Olson,

Harlene Hatterman-Valentia,

Ganesh Bala, Collin Auwarter

Acid Profile Analysis of Microvinified Deacidified Cold Climate Hybrid Grape Wines by HPLC

Troben Toldam-Anderson, 

Søren Kofoed, 

Lars Holt

The performance of grape cultivars in Denmark based on 10 years of annual grower reports.

Tim Martinson,

Chrislyn Particka

Crop response to spring frost in 2015


The 2015 Conference...

What is VitiNord?

VitiNord is an International Viticulture & Enology conference that happens every three years.  This conference focuses on research and practices being used in Northern wine growing climates.  Speakers from across the globe will share strategies and information that you can use in your own vineyard and or winery.

Previous VitiNord Hosts:

2006 - Riga, Latvia

2009 - Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec
2012 - Neubrandenberg, Germany/Szczecin, Poland
2015 - Nebraska City, Nebraska, USA

Poster Presentations (Downloads will be updated as Posters are Received)

November 11-14, 2015